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01 - Preamble

This Website has been prepared solely for the purpose of presenting the Compagnie d’Investissements et de Gestion Privée (hereafter “CIGP”), as well as its related companies, its services and products.

02 - Agreement

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03 - Disclaimer of Warranty

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The information contained and accessed on this Website is provided by CIGP and is not intended to replace or serve as substitute for any professional economic or legal advice based on an existing situation and should therefore not be used as a basis for any specific action, plan or decision.

04 - Limitation of Liability

Statements about investment performances are only general considerations. Their values and incomes may go down as up and investors may not retrieve their upfront investments. Past performances shall not be considered as indications for the future. No information on the Website shall be considered as investment advice and no general communication should be relied on to make strategic choices.

CIGP therefore expressly disclaims, without limitation, all liability for any loss or damage of any kind, including any direct, indirect or consequential damages, which might be incurred through the use of or access to this Website.

05 - No Offer

Neither the information nor the opinion expressed by CIGP Website constitutes a solicitation, an offer or a recommendation to engage in any transaction or to provide financial advice.

06 - Legal Restrictions

CIGP information has not been designed or intended for specific persons or nationals of any jurisdiction whatsoever. Therefore, access to our Website may be restricted by laws and regulations applicable to the user. Persons for whom – due to their nationality, residence or otherwise –CIGP’s information are prohibited shall not access the Website and are kindly invited to leave this page.

07 - Privacy Policy

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08 - Copyright

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09 - Amendments

CIGP may change this statement at any time. The version published on this Website is the latest and valid version. The latest update occurred on the 29th of May 2019.

10 - Contacts

For any request or question you may have in relation to this notice, please fill CIGP contact form here

11 - Governing Law

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